A Thank You From A (Soon To Be) WC Alumnus by Alison Oppenheimer

Posted on December 3rd, 2009 by

After two and a half years of tutoring at the Writing Center, it is disconcerting to
realize that I have less than five shifts left to work. I was fortunate enough to join
the staff here the beginning of my sophomore year and in my time since then, I have
formed an incredible bond with the people, the place, and the work that goes on in this
Writing is not just about knowing parts of speech or the dictionary definition of a
thesis; it’s not about being able to craft aesthetically pleasing sentences or develop
eloquent metaphors. The more writers I talk to at the Writing Center, the more I realize
that writing is about communication. Writing is about writers. Maybe that seems obvious,
but the true essence of writing is too often overlooked on campus, as we get caught up in
grades and professor feedback and the mechanics. At the heart of every paper, in every
discipline from biology to philosophy, writers are sharing their hard-earned knowledge
and deeply-held convictions. I consider myself privileged to have watched students
blossom, as they realize the power of their own original thought.
As I head out to student teach this coming spring, I will miss the horribly ugly and
devastatingly comfortable couch. I will miss my conversations with my co-workers, ranging
from the erudite to the absurd. But mostly, I will deeply miss learning from each of my
tutees. Thank you for two and a half years of discussions, sharing, and willingness to
stretch your mind. My mind has been stretched right along with yours.



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