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An Annotated Bibliography to Warm Your Heart by Abby Travis

Abby Travis Professor Know-it-All NDL 101: Learn it All 15 January 2010 Let’s not kid ourselves. This month is frigid in so many wicked ways. Wind that can rip your flesh off its bones. Blizzards pouring down upon you like the sand from an hourglass where everything—including yourself—is suddenly lost amongst swirling desolation and pure […]

A Thank You From A (Soon To Be) WC Alumnus by Alison Oppenheimer

After two and a half years of tutoring at the Writing Center, it is disconcerting to realize that I have less than five shifts left to work. I was fortunate enough to join the staff here the beginning of my sophomore year and in my time since then, I have formed an incredible bond with […]

Procrastination by Ethan Marxhausen

Alright now, what to write about? What to write about what to write about what to write… I could be reading right now. All of chapter six still needs doing. That would still be productive. Still reading, but I wouldn’t have to… if this is going to get done by Friday I’m going to need […]

Hello from the new Writing Center blog! By: Rebekah Schulz and Liz Winslow

Hello from the GAC Writing Center! We hope your fall semester is off to a good start. First off, why don’t we introduce ourselves? We are Liz and Rebekah, two of the coolest people here in Confer 232. =) Ok, so maybe not. But if you want to come visit us, you can find us […]